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WEEK 6 - It's All About Perspective

This was was hard. I can't sugar coat it. As I said last week, my course load is the Globe weighing down on my small, completely un-Atlas-like shoulders. I've barely been able to do any writing at all with everything I've had to do. There was even one day when I wrote nothing at all. And that's okay. It's okay I took a day where I didn't write anything. This weekend I accomplished so many productive things. I was on an amazing podcast with my dear friend Joshua Lee Ronin where we talked about purpose, art, and why I want to be a part of making the world a better place through it. I did school work, and spent the day at two different interviews for internships in Publishing. I had the privilege of seeing my partner, and spent the day with them catching up on the shows we watch together and cooking dinner.

There was most certainly not a day wasted.

So as much as the voice in my head wants to tell me I threw away a weekend, that I should just let the day turn to two, then to four, then to a week; I did not. I wrote Friday. I missed a day. Then I wrote again on Sunday. I only wrote 283 words, but they are 283 words more than I had at the beginning of the day. I can't compare my future to my past, good or bad. Every day is a new day, and every day holds the potential to be great. One can't hole themselves up- okay fuck that. I can't hole myself up and let the world pass me by. Being a writer means experiencing life to it's fullest capacity and sharing that with the people around you. That's the only way the words put down on the page can actually mean anything more than intellectual masturbation. So, with that out of the way, I have done the Tim Clare 100 Day Writing Challenge exercises, save for falling behind another day. This week was about seeing things from a new perspective and writing with omission. The first day I couldn't write a scene with a single noun. That was...nearly impossible to say the least. It came out looking more like poetry than prose. But there was a line or two I really did like.

The next two days were centered around a single item on my desk. I chose a mug, because I always have a cup of tea when I write in the mornings. I don't drink coffee anymore, so tea is the closest I let myself get. The first day I had to free-write, and we all know how much I love free writing.

The next I had to write five flash fictions centered around the item I chose, using them in completely different contexts. I only wrote four, and the last one got a bit cut off, but I made a promise not to edit any of the things I post here, so that's exactly what I'm doing.



The mug shattered against the wall. Ceramic shards scattered on the floor of Hector’s studio apartment. It was a gift, a thoughtful one at that. A mug covered in colorful typographic quotes: the first lines of great literary works. Somedays it brought Hector comfort, but today, it was only a reminder of everything he would never be: a great writer, heralded as a literary genius; someone who’s stories moved people to their core, touching their soul. Remembered.

The door shut behind him. On the table, he left a mug half filled with tea. It was still warm. Nightfall came. The door did not open. The tea still sat on the table. Days passed. In the darkness, the cold tea waited to be drunk, but no one ever came for it. His parents came to pick up his things. They poured the tea out in the sink, and threw the mug away.

Francis held the mug between his hands, sitting down on the bed next to Gregory. A saxophone played quietly in the background. Taking a careful sip, the bitter wine slipped down Franic’s throat. He never liked wine, but Gregory did.

Ryan dropped a few marshmallows into the hot chocolate. Snow fell lazily outside the window, piling on top of the blanket that covered everything.


Not the most brilliant thing I've ever written by any means, but I did it. Especially in the context of my life, I'm proud I wrote anything at all. It's time to start focusing on accomplishments rather than all the things I haven't done, because it's the only way I'm going to keep moving forward. And that's what's important. The moment I give in, the moment I decide to quit, that's when I've failed. Everything else is a massive success.

Weekly Total 2/5-2/11: 4089

Best Day: 2/10, 1301

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