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  • An Introductory Meeting To Map Out Your Success

  • Less expensive options for MS's that need an editorial perspective.

    $.005 per word
  • A review of the package you're sending out to agents and publishers

    Starting at $60
  • A holistic review of your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses.

    $.01 per word
  • Developmental editing includes comprehensive feedback on your story.

    $0.02 per Word
  • For when you're looking for flow, voice, and style.

    $.03 per word
  • For returning clients who are looking for another round of feedback

    .005$ per word
  • Guidance, support, and accountability as you draft and revise.

    $50 per Hour

NO ONE should be prevented from telling their story because they can’t afford it. 

ALL PRICES AND SERVICES flexible based on individual budgetary constraints. Project scaling and payment plans are available.

20% discount on all services for Queer Writers, Trans Writers, Disabled Writers, and Writers of Color.